On April 9th, 2020, Creality 3D (Shenzen, China) celebrated their 6th Anniversary. Despite COVID-19 fears, an all hands celebration was held with the CEOs, Mr. Chen, Mr. Liu, Mr. Ao, and Mr. Tang, and some distinguished domestic customers in China. Overseas customers were included via live broadcasts on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

As part of the celebration, Creality announced six printer models (four consumer models and two industrial ones):

Ender 3-V2

Updated version of their most popular printer

Creality CR-5 Pro

Industrial Grade Desktop Printer

Ender 6

True CoreXY High Speed Printer

Creality CR-6 SE

Creality's First Ever Kickstarter Funded Printer

Creality CR-30

Belt driven printer for mass production

Creality CR-200

Not much is known about this industrial model

As I gather more information I will post additional details. I am contacting Creality for more information.