My first printer to be reviewed is the Vivedino Troodon ordered from This printer is basically a Voron 2.2 clone that comes fully assembled from the factory. It uses CoreXY movements with a fixed bed in a fully enclosed chassis.

I ordered the smaller model (300x300x400mm) which is still a huge printer but pales in comparison to its larger sibling (weighing in at 400x400x500mm).

Features include:

  • Core XY Motion System
  • Duet2 Wifi (clone) with external antenna (32 Bit Controller with TMC2660 Driver)
  • Wirelessly Controlled via Wifi Module
  • Linear Guide Rails & Gates Belts
  • E3DV6 (clone) hotend
  • Dual Gear Extruder
  • Filament runout sensor
  • Power failure detection
  • Enclosed chassis with HEPA filter
  • Genuine BLTouch Bed Leveling sensor
  • Auto Bed & Gantry Leveling
  • KEENOVO Heating Pad with SSR
  • 4.3" Touch Screen
  • RGB Status Indicator Light
  • Genuine Meanwell Power Supply

I will still add a Raspberry Pi + OcotoPrint to manage this printer as that is how I manage all of my printers.

I will post updates here as things occur and please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can be notitifed of all of our upcoming videos.