After having dabbled in 3D printing for several years, I have decided to "throw my hat in the ring" so to speak and join the ranks of those brave souls who share all of their experiences good or bad.  

Who Am I?

My name is Carlos and I am many things:

  • IT Professional
  • Professional Photographer
  • Linux Enthusiast
  • 3D Printing Enthusiast
  • Experienced Blogger
  • Husband
  • Father
  • Uncle
  • Brother

(Not necessarily in that order.)

What Printers Have I Used/Owned?

I have used the following 3D printers (all FDM):

The Cube Pro and Artemis were for work, but I was the one in charge of their care and feeding.

What I Am.

  • I am an honest reviewer. I will tell you if a product has a glaring issue or is downright dangerous. Sponsored review or not.
  • I am a 3D printer user. I will run test prints and then print something "real-world". Benchies and XYZ Cubes can only go so far.
  • I am a pro photographer. I promise to provide high-quality images of whatever I review. If you want to see some of my professional work, surf over to and leave a comment. I have some lovely travel photos for sale there.
  • I am methodical. Do not expect a lightning review within 8 hours of the receipt of a review unit. I will take my time doing these reviews. Sometimes longer. Sometimes shorter.

What I Am Not.

  • I am not a measurebator. I will not submit a product to millimetric testing, perform chemical analysis of the exhaust fumes or any other super-nerdy tests. I will evaluate performance in real-world situations.
  • I am not a sensationalist. If I find a serious problem with a product, I will work with the manufacturer to try and get this resolved before publishing. I am not here to tear companies down. I am here to make sure that consumer 3D printer stays a safe and productive hobby.
  • I am not independently wealthy. 3D Printers can be expensive so I will take manufacturer's charity in the form of review units wherever I can. ¬†Some units that are donated to the site will be auctioned off to patrons. If you are interested in this, sign up on my Patreon page.
  • I am not pro cinematographer. But I am a fast learner and I will hope that the quality of my video production will improve over time. Your support will help make this happen.

Well, that's about it for now. As always, constructive comments are always welcome.